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Instant self certification sick note, to confirm that you have been unwell within the first 7-days of an illness.

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Self Certification - Sick Note

If you have experienced an illness or a health condition that has impacted your ability to work, you are entitled to self-certify for the first seven days of your sickness.

Our instant self-certification medical certificate provides a formal record of your illness and symptoms, indicating whether your condition is ongoing or resolved. It specifies the start and end dates of your self-certification period, ensuring you have a valid document to present to your employer to validate your illness and subsequent absence from work.

No appointment is necessary—simply apply online.


What will I receive?

You will receive a verifiable digital PDF self-certification sick note sent directly to your mobile, containing the following details:

Your name, date of birth and workplace.

Your self-certification start and end dates.

Your sickness or medical condition, when symptoms started and if they are ongoing or if you are now recovered.

Contact details and QR code enabling a verification check.

Need a GP signed medical certificate?

Our Doctors also provide same day medical letters for sickness, travel, visa medicals, recovery and general GP referrals. Taking pressure off NHS GPs.

How to get a Self-Certification Sickness Note online

Complete Questionnaire

Complete questionnaire 24/7 to get your certificate within a few minutes


Our self-certification platform will formulate your sickness note

same day turn around

Receive your certificate, instantly

You’ll receive an email with your certificate, with a QR code so that it can be verified.

Please note: This self-certified medical certificate is not the same as NHS Med3 Fit Notes, which are only available from healthcare professionals delivering NHS services.

UK regulations state that you are not required to provide a Med3 fit note to your employer within the first 7 days of illness, although many employers will request information in writing. Always check your employment contract.

If you require a Doctor assessed and signed medical certificate - please choose the Work Sickness Certificate.


What will I need to supply?

To enable our team to issue your self certification, we will require the following information:

A photo of your passport, driving license or workplace ID

First and last day of sickness self-certification

Whether your sickness is ongoing, or you are now recovered

The name of your workplace

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are absent from work due to illness for a period of 7 days or less, your employer typically shouldn't request medical proof of your sickness. Instead, they may require you to verify your illness on your own.

This can be done by completing this online form and providing this certificate, upon your return to work, a process known as self-certification.

A sick note details your health condition and ability to work and is issued by a UK Doctor after an assessment. This can be provided by both private GPs and NHS GPs.

A self-certification is a certificate that you can provide to self certify a brief illnesses, up to 7 days, without the need to have a consultation with a Doctor.

In the UK - you can 'self-certify' up to 7 days of sickness without the requirement to see a Doctor or provide your workplace a work sickness certificate.

Always check this with your employer or within your employment contract.

If you are still unwell after the initial 7-day period, you may apply for Sickness Letter which will be reviewed and assessed by our team of Doctors. Alternatively, you can get a sickness certificate from your NHS GP for free.

If you are unwell and absent from work for a period of 7 days or less - your employer may request a self-confirmation of your illness.

Upon your return to work, you can complete this self-certification questionnaire which will provide you with a simple certificate to provide to your workplace.

After completing a short questionnaire, you will automatically receive your certificate within a few minutes.

Once your certificate has been validated, we will send it to you by email and SMS.

Our Doctors will also follow up with medical advice and support via email.

We require you to:

✓ Upload a photo of your passport or workplace ID

✓ Complete a medical questionnaire

✓ Confirm the first and last dates of your sickness self certification

Our medical letters and certificates have QR codes that can be scanned to verify the document's authenticity.

Once scanned, your online results portal is loaded, from where your medical letter can be reviewed and personal details confirmed.

You will receive your certificate within minutes of your submission.

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