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Same-day medical certificates and referral letters. General medical letters to access private specialist care.

UK and International

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Allergy Certificate

Same-day allergy medical certificate, required to confirm allergies and medications that you require to have on standby.

Availability: UK and International

Blue Badge Medical Letter

Same-day medical letter, required to support the application or renewal process for a Blue Badge.

Availability: UK Only:

Disability Medical Letter

Same-day disability medical letter, required to confirm a disability and its impact on your day-to-day life.

Availability: UK and International

GP Referral Letter

Same-day GP referral letter, required to access private specialist care.

Availability: UK and International 

Fit to Work

Same-day fit-to-work certificate, required to confirm you are fit to return to your place of work or start a new role.

Availability: UK and International 

Gym & Health Club Cancellation

Same-day gym and health club cancellation certificate, required to suspend or cancel your membership due to a medical condition.

Availability: UK and International 

Vaccine Exemption Certificate

Same-day vaccine medical exemption certificate, required to confirm the vaccine you cannot be given.

Availability: UK and International

Medical Exemption Certificate

Same-day medical exemption certificate, required to confirm a health condition and its impact on your activities.

Availability: UK and International

Housing Support Medical Letter

Same-day housing support medical letter, required to confirm a condition, and how your housing or living environment impacts your health.

Availability: UK and International

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